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Altes Foto

The history of the Schauer family at Kitzecker Gaisriegl can be traced back to 1757 in the local parish register. The family's current vineyards were designated as vineyards as early as 1818 in the "Franziszeischen Kataster" of the Habsburg monarchy.

Altes Foto Kitzeck-Sausal

After the war years and encouraged by the construction of the road to Kitzeck, wine tourism experiences its first blossom. City dwellers and wine drinkers from the neighbouring provinces increasingly make the journey to the beautifully situated wine-growing village to cover their wine needs. The grandparents (Rosina and Karl Sr.) opened a "Kuchlbuschenschank" as early as 1965 and looked after the wine customers in the main house.


Weinernte Weingut Schauer Kitzeck-Sausal

Karl Schauer jun. took over the management of the business after his training at the Silberberg viticultural school and laid the foundation for today's wine quality in the following years with numerous plantings of new vineyards. The photo shows the grape harvest in the early 90s at Gaisriegl in Kitzeck. Today's managers Bernhard and Stefan are already in their father's passenger seat.


Weingut Schauer Kitzeck-Sausal

The quality of wine tourism is to be promoted. In 1994, Elisabeth and Karl jun. built a new wine tavern with a spacious garden. This still serves today as a convivial place for wine lovers to get together.


Karl jun. und Elisabeth Schauer

Elisabeth and Karl jun. work continuously on wine quality and act as hosts in the Buschenschank. In 2004, the current wine cellar is built.





Stefan und Bernhard Schauer

The brothers Stefan and Bernhard Schauer have been involved in the winery since their childhood. After their studies and experiences at home and abroad, they took over the responsibility in viticulture and business management.


Weingut Schauer Entdeckung des Jahres im Gault Millau

Gault-Millau evaluates the Schauers' wines for the first time and immediately names the winery "Discovery of the Year". The Rieslings in particular caused a sensation among the editors and were described as "adorable". The 2018 vintage of the "Sauvignon Blanc Ried Gaisriegl" is ranked 52nd among the 100 best wines worldwide by the American Wine Enthusiast magazine.



Schauer Winery: Road to Organic

We have decided to officially cultivate our vineyards according to the criteria of organic farming from 2021 and will continue on this path until organic certification in 2024. A step back from where we came and at the same time a step forward into the future of Styrian viticulture.

Stefan Schauer im Weingarten
Alte Weinflaschen

We know every little spot on our vineyard. We love the landscape in which we live. We know about the vulnerability of nature and its cycles. We feel the progressive change of the climate, notice the changes in the natural cycles. We are aware of our responsibility. This knowledge guides us in our work with nature, in our relationships with people and in our use of resources. This is how we strive to work: in harmony with nature, at eye level with people, with respect for resources.

Stefan and Bernhard
Our aspiration has never been to chase after any outdated wine trends. We follow our own vision of wine and can thus become pioneers ourselves. It is extremely important to us that wine drinkers can rely one hundred percent on our wines, on every drop we bottle.